Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blogger's Choice Award

Thanks to an anonymous tipster who let us know that this VERY BLOG is nominated for a Blogger's Choice Award! Along with approximately 5000 other blogs! Amazing!

Right now we have two votes in the Humor Blog category, one of which is the nomination, one of which is me. We're only 464 votes away from getting in the lead of this thing, people. So go here:

Blogger's Choice Award: Humor Blog Category

Sign up, and vote for elephantlarry.blogspot.com! But hurry, because you can only vote for a little longer than five more months!!!


Anonymous said...

STill only 3 votes! Come on people! this blog is way better then Titslist.Blogspot.com! And they've got 4 votes!

marni said...

vote #4!

marni said...

wait. this means that not all of the members of elephant larry have voted for themselves? do you think there's a funnier blog out there? can i take my vote back?

Anonymous said...

rumor has it Chris voted for Willmckinley.Blogspot.com