Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mind Games

Click here to see how I entertained myself for the entire flight out to Chicago last week. Print it out and give it a shot, as it's really well done.

Also, how awesome is it that Will Shortz is America's only enigmatologist? The answer, is very awesome.

Also Also, Demetri Martin is performing this weekend at the San Francisco Sketchfest. Those who have seen any of his brilliantly excellent shows will understand the relevance.


mjs said...

recently, on an episode of "csi", there was a suspect who was supposedly awesome at word games. he taunted our hero, gil grissom, with "i do the sunday times crossword - in pen". those of us who fought over the sunday puzzle on the plane know that the puzzle on sunday is way more fun, but the saturday puzzle is much, much harder. take THAT, crime show writers!