Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Name Day

My co-worker Emily is extremely, extremely superstitious. So superstitious that, though Catholic, she seemingly follows parts of all religions just to be safe. Which is a smart way to go about things if you think about it. She has a kabbalah bracelet, feng shui mirrors all over her office and talks about Buddhist and Hindu traditions pretty incessantly. I will refrain from bashing her any further, as she just gave me candy. That's the point of my story!

Apparently one of Emily's big superstitions is Name Day. Mainly an Italian tradition, one's Name Day in Italy is more important than their birthday and huge celebrations are held to celebrate them. For example, if you were born on October 27 but your name is Antonio, baby, you're throwing that bash on June 13. So at some point Emily and I did some painstaking research and deduced that my name day is January 15. So she got me chocolate to celebrate! I think she only got it for me because, as she insisted repeatedly, "IT'S GOOD LUCK". But who cares why? I got chocolate! Yay!

If you want to find your name day, just go to

PS If you'll notice, my name day is actually July 9th. Our initial research must have been mistaken. I didn't have the heart to tell her.


Stefan said...

As a Swede, I've been rocking my December 26th nameday for 27 years now. But it's a little different in Sweden - instead of "throwing a party" people quietly "nod in recognition" if they know it's your nameday. In my family, we'd set aside one present from Christmas and then open that on the 26th. Inevitably, I would pick the sweater or the new screwdriver or something equally unexciting to celebrate my nameday with. So that never worked out so well for me. But still. Kinda nice in a way.

Are Jeff & Geoff the same name as far as namedays are concerned? We should have had a huge party.

Alex said...

Mine was January 2nd. Time to give me retroactive presents, bihatches.

Geoffrey said...

Hey, we can still have an all-out bash for Jeff and I in July. But only if we invite Jörgen and Örjan. It's their name day too.

mjs said...

i have no name day! straight from marlon to marsha. screw you, 2005 calendar with names!!!


Stefan said...

My uncle Jörgen is totally invited. I'll call him right now.

Anonymous said...

holy crap, it's totally my name day! thanks elephant larry! now i have a reason to live to


Neal K said...

AHHHH!! Time Warp Horrors! Why is everyone talking like they missed Jeff/Geoff's name day on January 15th???!!!??!?! Celebrate in July? Why not celebrate on the 15th. As far as I've been able to ascertain, today is January 12th, 2005. Granted I'm in a different time zone (which sounds much cooler than it actually is if you think about it). But PST is 3 hours behind EST, or did some change it to 3 days and didn't tell me. Or maybe they will change it in 2 days, but will not have told me yet.

I was instructed by Geoff to post more often, but as I'm lazy and procrastinate, I'll combine all my comments into one long comment. I went to my bank on Monday but they had a handwritten sign taped to the door saying they were closed due to a bomb/robbery threat. Boy, that was annoying. I was able to use the ATM to deposit my check, but my plan to rob/blow up the bank was foiled. Now that I think about it, blowing up the bank and then robbing it was probably not the best order.

Time: can't live with it, can't live without it.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of humankind I just wanted to thank Neal for fighting the insidious tendencies West Coasters have to be laid back. His willingness to consider the order of how to approach a bank robbery and bombing is encouraging. How nice to see that not all have given into the plague of passive-aggressiveness that threatens us. THINKING is the first step in battling this world-threatening disease.