Friday, January 28, 2005

Oh, come on Sydney

Okay, so I'm listening to Sydney, Australia's Nova Radio because I was curious as to what radio sounds like down there. The answer is that it sounds pretty much like here - a whole buncha Avril, Jay-Z, Kevin Lyttle, Good Charlotte & the Killers. The one amusing difference so far, besides the funny promos about the nude portion of the Sydney Bikini Competition ("These ladies sure know how to wear bikinis, but wouldn't they look better - on the floor?!") is the fact that they just played OMC's "How Bizarre" which I haven't heard in about 5 years. OMC, as we all know, optimistically stands for Otara Millionaire's Club - Otara being an island in the South Pacific. And because of that proximity, I guess Sydney feels some sort of obligation?

I'm gonna give this station another hour, then I'm switching to Swiss radio just for kicks.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Perth on the Western Coast of Australia?(Opposite side to Sydney) Well Nova Radio is right round this country of ours and I listen to Nova in Perth because it's the best. But back to your comment on the old song they played, they drop these in every now and then so the listeners have a bit of a flash-back session to what we were doing (drugs/partys/raves - who can remember!!) when the songs first came out. Jennifer, Perth, WA