Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Big Mouth Billy Deer

I seriously can't imagine a product (or product description for that matter) that applies to me less.

Mount him on the wall and let your friends admire your hunting skills. (Wrong)

Enjoy their stunned surprise and side-splitting laughter as Buck belts out songs like "Rawhide," "Friends in Low Places," and "Sweet Home Alabama." (Probably not)

Buck looks incredible in your den or bar and adds flawless animation for party memories that will last a lifetime.
(I so doubt that. Also, I don't have a den OR bar.)

Via Engadget.


Anonymous said...

You and your red state buddies ('You might be from a red state if,...') will raise your Coors Lights to toast Buck as Charleton Heston's voice recites the Second Amendment. Amen.

Anonymous said...

You have no concept of how much joy Buck's older brother, Big Mouth Billy Bass, has brought to people, people all over the country. My grandfather loved it, and so did my wife's. Loved it. My state hasn't been red since 1988. I have laughed at it, in a wholly unironic fashion.

I find a certain charm in inanimate objects that talk when they have no business doing so. In fact, let me state that more emphatically: inanimate objects that are servo-mechanically designed to mimic the act of human speech are prima facie awesome. How can someone dislike Big Mouth Billy Buck, and then profess to like the concept of robots? (Although any robot I owned would learn to never sing Friends In Low Places around me mighty damn quickly, neural net or no neural net.)

In conclusion, I hope your next show brings as much love into the world as this freaky-ass plastic deer-head robot that apparently sings the theme song to a show about cattle ranchers.


P.S. If one saw one of these things lying in the street, and one decided to shoot it with a high-powered rifle, which part of it would one mount on your wall?

christopher said...

I wonder what that man is saying to the buck.