Friday, February 18, 2005

Calling All Ben Folds Fans

There's a new Ben Folds album coming in April and there's a new single out now called "Landed." I like it a lot -- it's that bittersweet Ben Folds ballad thing going on, which I'm always a fan of. Kinda makes you feel nostalgic for sorrowful realizations that come too late for you to do anything meaningful about, that kind of thing. And who doesn't like THAT? Plus, it seems to be about airports, and I love airports and the melodrama of travel.

Here's a stream of the song - low-quality, but you get the idea, mostly.


Anonymous said...

The daily dramas
She made from nothing
So nothing ever made them right
She liked to push me
And talk me back down
Til I believed I was the crazy one
And in a way
I guess I was

I loved this song. I was having a sad day so far, and it made me feel a bit better. Thanks, Stefan.

Anonymous said...

ben folds' stuff, post break-up of the band, just gets increasingly meandering and off-track. it's like he refuses to edit, or stick to a single sound for any of his songs. this song is no exception...christ, it's like six songs in one, and feels like it's an hour long. i also ituned the three eps he's come out with since "rockin the suburbs"...there's one good song in the whole mess, and it's a Cure cover.

i guess what i'm saying is: bring back rob and darren, ben. whatever effect they had on you, it musta been positive.