Monday, February 28, 2005


Ladies and gentlemen. My littlest brother Patrick is officially the CHAMPION OF EIGHTH GRADE CYO DIVISION B BASKETBALL ON STATEN ISLAND!!! And so is the rest of his team!

Yes, in a rousing 42-20 game that was more exciting than the final score (I swear), the eighth graders from Our Lady of Good Counsel defeated Holy Rosary and won the championship in their last game with the school. And there was Patrick, the man who scored the first points for this motley crew over six years ago, on the court at the end of the game, trying his hardest to foul someone on the other team. Just because he loves fouling people.

How much does he love fouling people? A few weeks ago, Patrick played three or so minutes, and had three fouls, two within the first seven seconds of entering the game. Go Patrick!

At any rate, congratulations OLGC!


Alex said...


Alex said...

That's a negative boo, btw, not an "I'm a ghost" boo.

Also, I mean congratulations.

mjs said...


i knew there was a reason pat-pat was my favorite haggerty!

christopher said...

Who would win in one-on-one? Alex or Pat?

Geoffrey said...


Alex said...

Definitely Pat.