Monday, February 07, 2005

Crimnson? More like Crapnson.

So this may be old news by now, but it's definitely awesome enough to be shoved and re-shoved down all y'all throats. Courtesy of Monica:

Perhaps the best prank I've ever seen.

And just this weekend I saw an erect, four-and-a-half foot snow-penis blocking some dude's door. Poor guy.


Anonymous said...

I know the guy and he swears it was six feet.

Geoffrey said...

Another entry from the Geoff is a Jerk Dept. (GPD):

The thing that struck me most about this post is that crimnson was spelled with a silent "n". Except then I looked it up and google and both helpfully asked if I meant "crimson". So there is no silent "n" in crimson, thankfully for my sanity and unfortunately for Chris's.

Now someone please correct me on the apostrophe s thing. I have no idea how to do it.

christopher said...

Too bad. I like the way I spelled it better.