Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fire Drill

That's a weird combination of words, isn't it? Makes you think it's a drill made out of fire. BUT IT ISN'T!

Anyway, we just had a fire drill at work, which turned out to actually be caused by the guys working on the water mains accidentally setting it off. Which is also weird, right, cause they were working on the WATER and set off the FIRE alarm. THAT'S SO WEIRD!!

Here's some things I refrained from saying as soon as the alarm went off:

"Run for your lives!"
"Help, I'm on fire!"
"Don't worry, I locked five students in the basement."

Favorite Moment:

Three fire trucks have pulled up to check out the non-existant fire. A little annoyed, about thirty strapping young firemen pile into their trucks, and drive away. Just as they're pulling away, an NYU Security Van full of six really fat Security Guards pulls up. They all jump out of the van, and one shouts at another, "They're getting away! You drove too slow!"

They then proceed to run after the fire trucks, which are already two or three blocks away, but only get about ten feet before they decide to stop running, and get back into their van and drive away themselves.

And that's something that happened to me today.