Thursday, February 10, 2005

Free Plane Tix!

Hey creativ-ish, outgoing NYCers: JetBlue (the official airline of Elephant Larry) is giving away free plane tickets tomorrow.

If you go to one of five NYC locations Friday morning at 8:00 am, dressed in a creative costume of a popular JetBlue destination, and bring along a can of food, JetBlue will give you a free round trip ticket to anywhere they fly. Wonder how many folks will actually try to take advantage of this. (Stefan?)

I'm constantly suprised by the relationship between displaying weird or stupid behavior and getting free stuff.


Stefan said...

Well, all right. I feel like sometime in our Elephant Larry travels I MIGHT be able to take advantage of this. What should I go as? Oakland? Long Beach? Oooh, I could go as a Long Beach Crip. Like Snoop.

Anonymous said...

go as the spaceneedle. ACTUAL SIZE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder...would they still give you the tix if you go as Bankruptcy Court?

Monica said...

stefan- go as rochester! You could cover yourself in snow. Come on!