Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Hollow Men

Marni just mentioned to me that Comedy Central has started playing promos for their new sketch show, "The Hollow Men." So I went a looking, but did not a finding... I did find this advanced review, which I think, takes a pretty fair look at the pilot.

I've seen them a couple of times now, and even hung out with them a bit (before they left for LA to start shooting the pilot), and they are really nice, funny guys. Their stage show is very crisp and well rehearsed, and the pilot itself is well shot, acted, etc.

I do agree with a bunch of the points made in the review, but I do disagree with the general sentiment. While not a gang-busters show, I have, over the several times I've seen them, laughed a lot at their material, and generally feel like they put forward a solid effort. And, I think its totally awesome that CC is taking a chance on a sketch group, rather than a celebrity anchored or shoved together ensemble sketch show. You go, CC!

Anywho, the show is premiering a lot sooner than I expected (March 10 at 10:30pm), and runs for 6 episodes from there, so be sure to check it out.

Also, I'll letcha know when the promo comes online.


Stefan said...

Bleah. College entertainment reviews are some of my least favorite things. I'll take this with a grain of salt, thanks.

Alex said...

Actually, I just want to clarify my patented Ridiculous Scale of Underwhelming Commentary:

Solid is a really, really good thing. Mostly every sketch show I've ever seen, let alone every almost every show I've ever seen is uneven. I think their show is really solid, meaning consistent quality throughout.

The end!

Geoffrey said...

My roommate is watching Comedy Central in the other room and I JUST now overheard said promo. This was not enough contact for me to make an opinion. Just sayin.

mjs said...

for the past two nights, they have played it right before "the daily show" - so if you tune in to comedy central at 10:58, you have a pretty good shot at seeing it tonight. unless they switch everything up tonight, which is a distinct possibility.