Sunday, February 27, 2005

Jake in Progress

I have to admit, I have no interest in watching John Stamos' new sitcom, "Jake in Progress." But, now that I've read this article in the Times, I may actually tune in.

Reasoning being this, and its not at all the focus of the article. The 28 year old producer of the show started by writing and pitching a half hour romantic-comedy version of 24, which would follow one 20 year old guy on a disastrous date over the course of a season. Not a great concept, but still might be kind of fun. After adding John Stamos, and a significant amount of network retooling, its now about a late thirties guy who goes through the male version of the first season of sex and the city.

That's really a different show. It makes me very sad, actually, especially since they pay almost no attention to that fact, and instead mention how happy the creator of the show is to be given a chance to write.

In any case, I'm gonna check it out to see if it's a show that's as much at war with itself as the article seems to suggest.

Jake in Progress premieres March 13 at 9pm.