Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sort Of Live Blogging The Simpsons Gay Episode

Yes, please, parents, be careful. Your children may be exposed to life issues.

Anywho, after Lisa suggests that Springfield allow gay marriage, so they can attract the lucrative gay population, Homer becomes a minister, and performs gay marriages for money.

Then it turns out Patty is gay! More soon.

Update! Wow, that had some funny jokes. But was also kind of insulting to gay people. Turns out that Homer is fine with Patty marrying a woman, but not Marge. And then it turns out that Patty's girlfriend is a man, not a woman. So Patty leaves with Selma to both go be single together.

I don't where to start with the blatant character ignorance that went on this episode... Although, to be honest, I was annoyed with the first Simpsons gay episode, too (where Homer thinks Bart is gay).

Further Update! If The Simpsons wanted an actually good idea of pro-gay content, they should look no further than this duo:



Stefan said...

Wow. Bush & Clinton look a little like Ernie & Bert.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a bit more like Statler & Waldorf. That would be cool if that was the duty of ex-presidents: to heckle the current president.

Alex said...

The Times has an article on the episode, with this choice quote from the President of the Parents Television Council (who didn't watch the episode):

"I'd rather them not do it at all," he added. "You've got a show watched by millions of children. Do children need to have gay marriage thrust in their faces as an issue? Why can't we just entertain them?"

Stefan said...

I would like to remind the President of the Parents Television Council that despite it being animated, the Simpsons is NOT a children's show. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

sure, he's sitting closer to the camera, but that's no excuse for Clinton's head to be THAT much bigger than Bush's. i mean, LOOK at it!!!