Monday, February 14, 2005

T-Shirt For Sale

I got this baby about ten years ago as a hand-me-down and have worn it maybe five times. The sleeves were always a little too short for my liking, though I thought the tagline on the back was pretty funny. And that was before being ironically cynical of everything was cool.

Anyway. Mr. Stefan Lawrence recently informed me that my beloved t-shirt is now selling for $13.00.

Oh wait. Sorry. I put the decimal point in the wrong place.

So, as of today, Valentine's Day 2005, to truly celebrate my love for all my fellow people of this planet, I am offering my valuably vintage, MTV t-shirt for the low discounted price of $1,250.

Actually, I'm not kidding. This is for sale now. So if you or anyone you know wants it, jesus christ, e-mail me right now:

Oh yeah. It's 97% polyester, 3% diamond.