Thursday, February 24, 2005

Too High!

This is completely crazy, dangerous, beautiful, and inspiring.

More pictures here.

Do you think they rent out the facility for final showdowns?

Via Fark.


Anonymous said...

X-TREME TENNIS!!! (on the spike network)

Anonymous said...

no, it's on The Ocho.

Geoffrey said...

I'm trying to think of an analogy for how stupid this is, but all I can come up with is "That's as stupid as playing tennis thousands of feet above the ground with no walls keeping the tennis balls on the court when the point of tennis is to hit the ball past your opponent and off the court."

christopher said...

Good point, but I assume there has to be SOME sort of forcefield.

Anonymous said...

a while back i saw pictures of Tiger Woods hitting golf balls off this "thing"....both events are very important to society, i feel.

Anonymous said...

To form a proper analogy first you must identify all the salient elements of the picture:

Tennis played in a most unusual and aweinspiring place with certain implicit unfortunate consequences, ie. alot of lost balls as a direct result of the game being played as it is supposed to be played.

The first analogy I come up with is: It's like a bullfight in a aweinspiring china shop

Next: It's like a tickertape parade in hell

Next: It's like playing poker in the taj mahal using razor blades as cards

Next: It's like playing russian roulette at the former sight of the berlin wall but instead of pointing the gun at your head you point it at your aweinspiring big screen TV which is kinda old anyway and is not HDTV ready

those are my suggestions