Friday, February 11, 2005

Welcome Squid Overlords

I never wear slogan shirts. But I just bought two of them. Why?

Here's the most recent one:

Here's the description from the t-shirt's website:

"The cephalopod biomass is now greater than the human biomass. We don't know how many there are or how big they get. We are NOT ready. Play it smart."
Guess who's getting a wardrobe makeover this summer? Me, that's who.


mjs said...

it's official. alex is turning into stefan.

Stefan said...

Oh, Marni, don't you see? It's part of my masterplan to date you. EXCLUSIVELY.

It's a good thing Alex doesn't know how to read comments on the blog.

Anonymous said...

this is probably more "chris geek" than "alex geek," but either way, it's geek:

christopher said...

That's not fair. I don't even think I totally get the joke. I mean, after thinking about it a little bit, I think I might get it, but still.

I guess what I'm saying is, all flattery aside, I don't feel totally comfortable accepting responsibility for the geekdom of a product I don't fully understand.

That being said, I would label it as mostly "stefan geek" with "alex geek" as a close second.

Stefan said...

Ah, yes, this is way more Stefan Geek. I totally get it, think it's funny, and if I hadn't just curtailed a t-shirt spree, I'd be all over this shit.

You see, Chris, Han Solo in the original Star Wars shot Greedo in the cantina completely without warning. Greedo says "I've been looking forward to killing you for a long time," and Han says "Yeah, I bet you have." And then he just blasts him. Totally cool, ruthless, cocky, takin' care of business. The Han Solo we know and love.

But then in the Special Edition, George Lucas, claiming that he always wanted it this way but for some reason shot it so it was blatantly obvious that Han shot first, altered the film, so that Greedo squeezes off a shot which misses terribly and ends up somewhere to the left of Han's head while Han responds by shooting Greedo in his gut. This of course ruins the scene. Han is no longer cool.

So the shirt is the Star Wars purist's plea to keep the reality the way we all knew it was to begin with and not have this pansy-ass "Greedo Shot First" universe take its place.