Thursday, February 03, 2005

Your Ginger is in MY Peanut Butter!

Good grief, I can't stop eating these things:

They're exactly what their name implies: Little chewy pieces of ginger, riddled with bits of peanut butter.

They're freaking delicious, and I can't stop eating them... I got a tin last week because it looked cute and retro, and gobbled the whole thing in one day (although I did share with friends and co-workers). Then, I found that they sell 'em in bags of 35, so I got that, and I've been stuffing the little buggers in my mouth all day.

They also come in peppermint and original flavors, but right now, I have to work my way through this giant bag.

On a seperate note, you might be interested to know that these chews have been around since the turn of the century, and were very popular in Indonesia before returning to America. Look for it at your deli or specialty market today!