Thursday, March 31, 2005

Baseball Prognostications

With the baseball season opening up this Sunday(!!!), it is time to once again brush off my dusty, tired prediction: The Yankees will win the World Series. It is the prediction I've been making for 12 years, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna stop now. Besides, it even came true four times in the late nineties!

Now, admittedly, this little prediction hasn't gone so well for me lately. But I am confident in my chances of accurately predicting the baseball champions this time around. To wit:

-Randy Johnson
-seven usable members of the bullpen, with Buddy Groom and Ramiro Mendoza awaiting in the minors
-a dependable offense which scored a gad of runs last year
-Randy Johnson
-a less pressure-filled season for Alex Rodriguez
-Randy Johnson

Did I mention Randy Johnson? He's good. Oh, and I also predict that I will develop a heart condition thanks to the 19 games against the Red Sox this year. Jesus, I can't take that kind of pressure...though I am going to Opening Day against the Red Sox. Whoops! Sorry heart!

Check back soon for my thrilling Manager of the Year predictions!