Thursday, March 17, 2005

Birth of a Joke

A Special Thing, which is mainly a Mr. Show, Tenacious D, etc. fan message board has a great series called "Birth of a Joke." The series takes one comedian, and follows their joke, or routine, from its inception to eventual performance on stage.

Anywho, if you check out the Chris Hardwick (former host of Singled Out, now in a great comedy band called "Hard & Phirm") Birth of a Joke, you might recognize a familiar t-shirt:

Click Here to Watch the Video:

...and if you're interested in more, non-Elephant Larry t-shirt wearing videos, check out this thread.


Geoffrey said...

That's pretty cool, our T-Shirt getting Singled Out like that!




Alex said...

To be fair (to what? what am I being fair to?), I seem to remember really enjoying Singled Out.

Although I can't remember how it was played. At all.