Monday, March 28, 2005

Clear & Presents Danger

Let me start the day by being cantankerous.

There's at least two base times a year you're supposed to buy everybody you know a present: their birthday; and holiday time. Add in all the sub presents you need to get for other special occasions, wine or beer you need to buy for people's parties, and not to mention the time you need to spend coming up with a creative gift... It comes out to way too much effort with way too little reward.

Now, you probably think you know where I'm going with this: No more presents. WRONG.

I have no problem with the basic idea of presents. Free stuff is great! But the fact that we HAVE to buy presents for people irks me a bit, and especially the amount of presents we need to purchase. So here's my idea.

There is only ONE day out of the year you need to buy presents, and that's your birthday. On your birthday, you receive no presents. However, you do buy presents for everyone else you know.

Get it?

That way, you're receiving a steady stream of presents all year, which is nice. But at the same time, you only have to stress out about buying presents one day out of the year.

Added bonuses:

- Unlike the current Christmas, the only people packing stores will be those people who were actually born on Christmas.

- No more, "Oh rats, my birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day, so no-one celebrates it." Because EVERY day is like your birthday.

- People with no friends don't have to feel sad ever.

- Dogs will be made out of solid, candy flavored rainbows.

So that's the idea I had!


brian said...

Could we get our dogs in liquid, candy flavored rainbows? They're easier to store that way.

Anonymous said...

Dogs? Liquid? Hmmm....