Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Date With Homestar Runner

Just 'cause I know the other guys will freak out about this (especially since we have rehearsal at the same time, almost), check out what's happening in NYC 2nite:

NYU Program Board Presents:
Tuesday, 3/1, doors at 5:45pm
Kimmel Center, Shorin Performance Studio, 8th Floor

A Date With Homestar Runner is a presentation by the Chapp brothers & their video guy Ryan. There will be an awesome puppet video shot around campus, your favorite cartoons and a Q&A.

On Sale NOW at Ticket Central!
Tickets $3 with NYU ID, $4 with gov’t issued ID.
Must have NYU ID to obtain 'advance' tickets at Ticket Central.
Limit 2 'advance' tickets per NYU ID.
Also, thanks to everybody who came out and saw us at Caroline's last night... We had a blast!

HomeStarRunner.com, as if you didn't know.


christopher said...

Do you guys wanna try and go to this, even if we can only stay for an hour?

Alex said...

...and now its sold out.

christopher said...