Thursday, March 10, 2005

Do You Like Cute Boys?

Of course you do! And so does my friend, Emily. But she needs your help:

I forced my boyfriend's brother to send me his picture to post on the CosmoGIRL! website for a contest called, "Battle of the Boys." Each day, two guys' pictures are posted up for girls across America to vote on who's cuter. Well, James has to win! He's way hotter than the other boy anyway, but you gotta help me prove it.

Click here to save James's self-esteem.

There's also information down at the bottom on how you can submit your own boy to battle in the battle of the boys.

And that was the best sentence I've written all day.


Alex said...

James is getting his butt kicked!

Also, I can't believe the amount of times we've discussed CosmoGirl in a serious context.

Anonymous said...

Random Question - why did she post her boyfriend's brother and not her boyfriend? JERRY, JERRY =)

Anonymous said...

geez, how can that mama's boy be winning?! isn't it a known fact that danger = hot?! look at the scruffy jawline! couldn't you just get lost in his devil-may-care stare... poor james... but wait, who would win in the elephant larry battle of the boys face-off? excluding chris of course... heehee!!