Friday, March 11, 2005

A Game For You

Here's a fun game to play today:

If you go to a deli, try to order something that's slightly off from what they have, but still relatively possible. For example:

Guy Behind Counter:
What can I get for ya, boss?

You: Yeah, lemme have a cheddar madness bagel with orange cream cheese.
They probably won't understand it, so repeat it again. Then they'll probably say "We don't have that." In which case, say something like:
You: Okay, can I get cranberry cream cheese then?
Point is, don't order something like a foot long octopus on pie-bread. It needs to be something anchored in reality, so it just seems like maybe you read their menu wrong. Then see how long you can keep this going for.

Best story of someone who actually did this gets a shiny new pony. I mean, penny.