Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Funtime Super Good Friday!!!

I'm going to hell for that one.

So you etymology fans, why is Good Friday called Good Friday? What's so good about your entire religion's focal savior-guy dying? Why isn't it called Spy Friday? I, like the intrepid reporter that I am, Googled it. After wading through all the non-biased super-Christian sites, I couldn't find any other sites. So rather than subject you to some boring, boring websites, here's a summary:

It's not totally known why it's called Good Friday.

There ya go! Glad to be of help! I kid. I kid because I love. There are two possible explanations. One, Jesus dying was a very "good" thing he did, because it started the whole forgiving us of our sins process. Two, it used to be called "God's Friday" and got changed in the same way that "God be with you" became "Good-bye". I would say this second explanation is about a trillion times more likely.

Also, though I said I wouldn't do it, here's one of those websites that came up. I took most of the information from it because a) it came up first on Google and b) that creepy guy looking around the corner is funny.


Anonymous said...

I just thought it was another example of the overdeveloped sense of sarcasm which predominates those of the Christian faith.