Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hollow Men Premieres Tonight

So sue me. I want to support comedy. The Hollow Men premieres tonight at 10:30pm on Comedy Central, and I for one will be sure to have my Tivo record it and maybe watch it later or something.

Anyway, here's some reviews:

"The bits come fast and furious—we counted something like 15 in the first episode—and a solid 80 percent hit the mark." - Stuff Magazine

"Anglophiles lamenting the crass Americanization of UK comedy are in for a big treat." - Time Out NY

"Why doesn't "The Hollow Men" make you laugh?" - NY Times

Er. To be fair, the first episode is stuff I haven't seen, and the stuff I've seen I did enjoy. Also, most of the first season of KITH didn't make me laugh, and they're brilliant.

Anyway, I'm more excited about Hollow Men than I am about this.


Anonymous said...

fact: i had the blonde from Kelsey Grammer's show in my hotel room in '96 (Laramie, Wyoming). she was wasted!

sad fact: nothing happened. people saw us go in there, and were banging on the door looking for "the party"...