Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Home, Sweet Home

Now that we’re all back and “rested” from DC, I wanted to take a moment to thank Blaire, Ben, Dave and all the other folks who helped to organize the first ever DC Comedy Festival. We had a great time! Further thanks to Colin for hooking us up with our sweet crash pad, and of course, Marni and Mary for all the teching and governessing. Hoorays all around.

If you’re into performing comedy, one of the best parts about participating in these festivals is that you get to see about five-hundred different acts over the course of a single weekend. Unfortunately, because much of the fest was spread out over three venues across the city, and we had two performances of our own to worry about, we only got to catch a few others. In addition to seeing our MEAT sisters and Royal We buddies, we saw: Bassprov from Chicago (featuring Mark Sutton & Joe Bill, who actually taught us a master class back in 2000, I think. They do this form that’s basically two guys sitting, fishing, drinking beer, and talking. Though the premise sounds a tad boring, I promise you, it’s really great), Chairs (a long-form improvisational troupe also out of Chicago, featuring some old IGPers we performed with back in the skits-o-days), a whole bunch of teams from the Washington Improv Theater (featuring Whistling Shrimp alum, Colin Murchie, who already got his god damn thank you), and our hilarious Los Angeles friends, TROOP!, with whom we conquered the Smithsonian.

Also, we went to the Planetarium, got turned away from the Spy Museum, and then on Saturday night, a car exploded outside the bar! And let me tell you, there’s nothing better than a crowd full of drunken comedians crowding around a burning automobile at three in the morning.

Pictures soon! We promise! Maybe!

In the mean time:


Geoffrey said...

My favorite part of the weekend was probably when Jerry from The Royal We ran past the carfire and as a result, through the first blast of water/smoke to be blasted by the firefighters on the scene.

I think all my favorite parts of the weekend involved Jerry.