Monday, March 14, 2005

I Didn't Want To Talk To You, Anyway

Metro has one of those ridiculous articles again this morning where people are complaining that iPods are destroying our way of life. Why? Simple. Because people listen to music on the subways instead of interacting.

Really? You all liked talking to each other pre-2001 (when iPods were first released)? On the subways? In New York? Where was I? Is this too many questions in a row? Yes it is?

To be fair, the article is based on one from the Sunday Times of London (which I can't find online). And, I guess its possible that pre-iPod, Londoners were chatting it up having a grand old time on the way to work, drinking tea and wearing their Beefeater hats.

But to blame the lack of communication between New York residents on an iPod is ludicrous. NOBODY talks on the subways. We've always avoided eye contact with each other. It just so happens that we prefer iContact.

OH! MAN! THAT WAS TOTALLY CLEVER! Yeah. I rock. iContact. Awesome.

Point is, the problem isn't the iPod, its the general feel of New York, that promotes bristling and anger on the way to work in the morning. THAT'S what we should be targeting, not a device that honestly works the same as a CD Player, walkman, book, or horrible smell.

Today's Metro, scroll to page 7.


Anonymous said...

more like Iroc.