Tuesday, March 01, 2005

May 1,000 Scorpions Climb into Your Bed and Sting You at the Exact Same Time

Aw shit, look out, it's the SWEARSAURUS!!!

Ah, language...I'm all for cursing, but my favorites are the tamer, more complex ones:

  • "Ma de mo kau ah" (Chinese: Your mother didn't teach you properly.)
  • "Do digata ni kazana ho akeruzou" (Japanese: I'm going to rip open your abdomen.)
  • "Dabogda ti zena trudnu djevojcicu rodila" (Bosnian: May your wife give birth to a pregnant girl.)
  • "Je bent de reden dat mensen zelfmoord plegen" (Dutch: You are the reason why people commit suicide.)

Who knows how accurate these are. I have a feeling a bunch of guys just typed up some "witty" sentences and ran 'em through a basic translation program, but hey. At least they have goals.


Anonymous said...


Alex said...

I disagree. I'd say there IS a necessity which uses that kind of inadequate language, as for connecting feeling good from indistinct expression of the margin anger which is rubbed is used.

Sorry, that's just what I think.

Anonymous said...


Alex said...

A) I don't have anger in my voice.
B) YOU rub that!

Yeah, that's right.