Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Parrot Sketch Included Five Times, At Least

Eep. I just bought this.

I think when I'm having bad days, I tend to buy myself really expensive things. However, it does make me feel better. Forever.

This set encompasses every single episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, PLUS Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Live at Aspen, and Parrot Sketch Not Included (a clips show, but with hilarious Steve Martin commentary). Not including the movies, this is pretty much every Python thing in existence. As an extra added bonus, for some weird reason, the box set WITHOUT the 2 extra live performance disks is about $50 more expensive.

I win!

Do you know what else wins? My brain! For the 30 plus hours of Monty Python it will be absorbing!

As a sweet, but perhaps very sad and dorky note, Monty Python is the reason I first started acting and writing. And one time, which thus far has been the very pinnacle of my life, I was slapped by John Cleese.

Box Set, I await your delivery.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! It's always nice to feel better. Forever. I'm forever trying to accomplish such and never failing to succeed as long as I keep finding things that make me feel better.

Alex said...

Holy crap! I just decided to fondly look over my purchase again, and noticed that Amazon now only had one box set left in stock! I bought the second to last Monty Python Megaset IN EXISTENCE!!!

(Not even remotely true.)

Anonymous said...

It's a grand set. You'll be very happy.

I bought it for myself for Christmas a year ago (without the live stuff), and I've delighted in every moment of it.