Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spots and Monocles

Apparently, those little sketches scattered throughout The New Yorker are called "spots." If that delightful little nugget got you curious, you can read more here.

Also, there's another delightlnug from last month's issue. It's about the magazine's hallowed dandy mascot, Eustace Tilley.

I wonder who would win in a bloodbath deathmatch: Eustace Tilley or Mr. Peanut. I'd throw Uncle Pennybags in there, but I think he died awhile ago.


Alex said...

Yeah, I read about that. Rich Uncle Pennybags died of consumption.

Also, Mr. Peanut would win, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Oswald Cobblepot may not enjoy the posterity of Eustace Tilley, Mr. Peanut, The-Most-Terrible-Horrible-No-Good Uncle Pennybags, or Wallace Stevens's uncle, but he, with his monocle and his powerful army of followers, shall soon conquer the world!