Wednesday, April 06, 2005

America, We Stand As One

This video has to be the most incredible thing I've ever seen:

Click the picture to watch it.

You should also check out the main site. Turns out, he's a guy named Dennis, who was the stunt coordinator for Star Trek's Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine. Also, he loves America.

Two more things:

1) Dennis is positively covered in dogs somewhere on his website. See if you can find the picture!

2) The video was directed by Rob Bowman, director of Elektra, Reign of Fire, and director/co-producer of The X-Files.



baz said...

wow. that'

Anonymous said...

i 2nd the "wow", and just wanted to add "fucking hell."

Geoffrey said...

Whew. I was confused. Stefan just cleared it up for me last night that people are saying it's the "greatest thing ever" and "wow" because it's actually terrible, and not good.

I was mind-shatteringly confused.

Heraldblog said...

This video is a joke, right?

Alex said...

Nope. Its actively serious.