Friday, May 20, 2005

Yankees vs. Mets

That's right folks! It all kicks off tonight as two TREMENDOUS disappointments take the mound: Victor Zambrano, who symbolizes one of the worst trades in sports history and Kevin Brown, who symbolizes the worst choke in sports history. Should be quite the pitcher's duel.

OK, I have a confession. I used to root for the Mets. Yes, yes, it's true. Along with Don Mattingly, I loved Keith Hernandez. I wanted to play second base like Tim Teufel. I even rooted for the Mets to win the World Series in 1986. I was the cutest little front-runner you ever did see.

It all turned around while watching a Met game with my Met-hating aunt the next year. I bet her that the Mets would win that day, against the Atlanta Braves. Three dollars I bet her, which was a lot for a six-year old. They lost. They lost and my aunt made me pay (which tells you something about my aunt). That was when she started turning me...the Mets lost it for you...lost you three dollars...that's like a whole He-Man action figure, gone....because of the Mets...the Mets...Mets....Me...ts...and that was the end of my Met tolerance.

While I'm in the spirit of confession, I will also reveal that there is a picture of me out there somewhere wearing a Red Sox cap and jersey. Smiling.



Anonymous said...

You rooted for THE METS?! Geoff, I hardly know you!

(Wait, that's already true.)