Monday, June 27, 2005

...And That's How I Was Murdered.

Hey, here's a creepy way to start your day:

1) Get into the elevator in your building.
2) Make sure you're alone.
3) The elevator should jerk to a stop between two floors, making it seem like you're stuck.
4) After about five minutes, let the elevator slowly climb up to a floor you've already passed.
5) After the elevator door slowly opens, quickly exit the elevator so you don't get stuck.
6) Start to hear some sort of weird chirping noise on the floor you've exited on.
7) Over the course of five minutes waiting for the elevator, let the chirping get louder and louder, until the only sounds you can hear are what must be several hundred birds.
8) Run.

Anyway, good luck! It's always nice to wake up into a horror movie.


Alex said...

In case it wasn't clear, this actually happened to me.