Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cornell Hates New York

At the recent kick-off of the College Humor National Tour (which, correct me if I'm wrong, but Stefan's company is helping out with), local comedians Craig Baldo and Bobby Tisdale were literally booed offstage.

Interesting Fact #1: They were booed for showing a video called "The Pleaser Twins," which is all about them being super-nice to people.

Interesting Fact #2: This was at Cornell University.

I'd be interested in hearing commentary on this from any of the many Cornell students who theoretically read this blog. Did you hear anything about this? Did you go to the show? Why did you go to the show?

Anyway, Bobby Tisdale has a good story about it on his blog. So check that out. If you want.

Via The Apiary.


Stefan said...

Nope, nothing to do with US Concepts. You should have known that because this event actually seemed cool.

Oh, snap, US Concepts. I'm just teasing. You know I love you.

brian said...

You can't mean Cornell University, where students regularly shout down speakers and occasionally burn newspapers, do you?

Alex said...

Yes, I do actually. Can you believe it?