Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Good Game

Well this is one of the craziest games I've ever watched.

The Yankees might as well have just taken the first seven innings off. Sure, they woulda been down 11-0. But when you score 13 runs in one inning, 11 doesn't seem like so much.

I love Bernie Williams.


Chris S. said...

Hooray for Bernie indeed. That was his greatest moment since his album, "The Journey Within," debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.

Geoff was actually one of the first people I thought of while watching that game unfold. But strangely those thoughts had nothing to do with baseball.

Meanwhile, almost as impressive as the game itself was the fact that Tiger Woods and Kevin James stayed until the end of the game. Celebrities care.

Alex said...

This ridiculous. I also can't decide whether that would have been fun to watch or not. I figure it would have gone something like:

First three runs: Wow, they could tie this.

Second three runs: Holy crap, they better not blow this.

Next two runs: They did it! But now they're going to tie it up.

Next two runs: Oh, what?

Next three runs: Oh, come on. Somebody get them out.

20-11 is an insane score for a baseball game.

Anonymous said...

if i didn't know better, i'd say Alex was a man...


Anonymous said...

Although I was watching all along, it jarred me when the announcer said the score: 20-11. So I'm thinking to myself, "Gee! that seems more like the time than a baseball score." And then as my brain often has wont to do it directed me to look upward at the time on the cable box clock. Yup, 10:40.

christopher said...

Ha. That's awesome.

Geoffrey said...

I had to make Chris explain this one to me. Well done, Anonymous.

Fortunately, Carl Pavano has taken any and all momentum and flushed it down the toilet by giving a home run to some guy named Green. Way to be Carl.