Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Guns & Molls

So if you are friends with Elephant Larry's account, you know that I am currently reading Elmore Leonard's latest novel "The Hot Kid," which is all about vigilante marshals and famous bank robbers and awesome, awesome tommy guns. It's my first Elmore Leonard novel and it's fantastic. It's so fantastic in fact, that it has forcibly forced me to hit up wikipedia and look up everything about the Public Enemy Era, better known as the early 1930's. Such as!

-upon learning that Bonnie & Clyde were ambushed and killed, John Dillinger said that they "gave bankrobbing a bad name." He was gunned down within two months.
-Baby Face Nelson's real name wasn't George Nelson. It was Lester Gillis.
-the word "moll" comes from "Molly" which is short for "Mary". Wait, huh?
-tommy guns are also known as "Chicago typewriters" and are very awesome

OK, wikipedia didn't say that tommy guns are awesome. But they SHOULD. Oh wait, I can change it. I'm gonna do that right now! See ya!


Ted said...

I'm going to pick it up and read it on the plane. Then we can sit and chat about the book and it will bring the east coast and the west coast closer together. READING!

Geoffrey said...

ROCK. I just finished. I will be ready.

Since I loved it, any more Elmore Leonard suggestions? Ted? Anyone? Mom?

mjs said...

get shorty is great. adn so is big trouble, which is actually dave barry, but reads like an elmore leonard.