Friday, June 17, 2005

I Heart Batman

It just occurred to me, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but Batman is the superhero people think it's okay to like.

Liking Batman means that you're morally complex, but still have a sense of humor. Meaning, you appreciate the fact that Batman has a dark past and psychologically complexity, but also think it's kind of goofy to run around in lycra.

This is as opposed to liking Superman, which means you've never grown up. Or liking Spider-Man, which means you like something that everyone else likes. Liking any other superhero means you're a huge dork.

Here's a newsflash, though: Batman is totally ridiculous and inaccesible as an icon. He's a millionaire playboy who never sleeps, battles crime, and is totally, totally insane. So deal with that, nerds, and enjoy your movie this weekend.


Cory_Nealy said...

What does it mean if you really like The Flash? Because I so love him...

Alex said...

It depends on whether you're talking about Jay Garrick, Wally West, or Barry Allen.

You nerd.