Friday, June 03, 2005

It Also Turns Out I'm a Paranoid Cannibal

Last night before The Funny Semi-Finals, we were out on the sidewalk practicing lines. One of the sketches we performed, which I will now partially ruin for you, is "Placrototle." If you haven't seen it, do me a favor and skip this post.

But anyway, end of the sketch, I have a quick exchange with Placrototle, which I always tend to screw up (though not as much on stage as in rehearsal), so while the other guys ran "Tri-Dad," I walked down the sidewalk, saying my lines out loud.

As I got to the last line, I turned to my left, directly faced some guy sitting in his car, locked eyes with him, and said way too loudly:

"Wouldn't you like to eat yourself three times as much as you'd like to eat me?"

And then got flustered and ran away.

Anyway, Placrototle went over pretty well.


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