Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reasons You Should See Every Show At SketchFest NYC Tonight

I know it's a lot. But honestly, you really should make every attempt to come down to UCB tonight starting at 7 and just hunker down. Here's a blow-by-blow account of why, even though I haven't seen every group that's performing...

7PM Hypnogogia (Seattle) - Sketch comedy based on one guy's dreams. That's pretty dang interesting and inventive if you ask ME.

8PM Becky & Noelle (NYC) - Unfortuantely, I've never gotten the chance to see these ladies perform together, but anything with Becky Poole from MEAT has got to be good. And I've met Noelle and she's very, very nice!

9PM Killing My Lobster (San Francisco) - This is the group that I hear the most about that I've never seen. Everyone I talk to swears by them, and everyone I talk to rules.

10PM Madame Funnypants (NYC) - Two words: Alexander Zalben.

11PM Fearsome (NYC) - You want group mind? These gals and guys are always pulling in the exact same direction and are onboard for anything. Never seen better teamwork in a sketch comedy group.

MIDNIGHT Whitest Kids You Know (NYC) - Fantastic group with some of the best video I've ever seen. Which is not to say that their stage stuff isn't fourth-wall shatteringly funny. It is.

And best reason of all? I'm gonna be there alllllll night. How can you argue with six hours of me? You can't, that's how.