Saturday, June 11, 2005

Reasons You Should See Every Show At SketchFest NYC Tonight Again, For A Third Consecutive Night

Well I was right about there being more awesome yesterday. There was awesome in spades at the UCB Theater and honestly there's no end in sight. Well, that's not true, tonight is kind of the end. So you should really soak up these last seven shows. Why? I'll tell you!

6PM Free Love Forum (Wisconsin) - I'm gonna put this right out there...I don't know much about these guys. What I DO know is that they knocked off the socks of the SketchFest NYC organizers, and that's hard to do if you know how firmly ensocked some of those folks can be. I also hear they do some neat things with video...

7PM Ten West (Los Angeles) - All I hear is praise. Two guys who do silent sketches in clown-style, or so I hear. I still have yet to see these guys and I'm sad about it. But now I'm happy, cuz I'll see them!

8PM The Animal Club (Chicago) - Elephriends from way back (2004...or is it 2003? 2003?). We got to see 'em at Caroline's last year and they're, funny, funatical, fun...tastic. Funtastic!

9PM Elephant Larry (NYC) - This is the perfect opportunity to go around the corner and get some McDonald's.

10PM MEAT (NYC) - MEAT is going to bring down the house again, because this is what MEAT does. Also, inside sources tell me half the sketches are shiny brand new. I like new things!

11PM TROOP! (Los Angeles) - Sketch comedy at it's finest. They write, act AND perform on another level. Do yourself a favor and see it.

MIDNIGHT Game Face (NYC) - If all the NYC groups have hometown advantage, then Game Face has home theater advantage, ensuring a raucous crowd. Not to be missed.

1AM Everyone In Every Sketch Group Cries, Saying How Much They'll Miss Each Other - This will go on through the night. Sketch comedians can be pretty blubbery.