Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sweeps Week!

You know what I realized this morning, blog? Well, I'll tell you. I realized that this week, apparently, is Sweeps Week.

In case you're not avidly familiar with television like I am, Sweeps Week (or weeks, rather), is the period of time when the networks gather information about their various shows in order to impress advertisers. This determines which show is most popular, which network is "winning" the ratings race, and more importantly, who can charge the most for most for advertising.

When putting together a television show, writers know to plan for these weeks (which generally happen in November, February, and May). That's why they save all their big events for Sweeps, in order to pump up viewership for their show.

However, what I'm talking about here is not sweeps for any television network. I'm talking about Sweeps for our lives. Well, my life, and the characters I interact with. I'm not saying I'm the star of this show, I'm just more familiar with the sweeps events in my particular soap opera. Which I'm probably a supporting character in.

Things that have happened during the past two weeks in this particular soap opera:

  • Surprising relationship revelations!
  • Characters leaving town forever!
  • Tantalizing new job offers!
  • That baby is finally being born!
There's plenty of other big events that have happened in the past two weeks. I'm pretty confident that this is the last week of Sweeps, though, so look for one of the following:
  • A marriage proposal!
  • Somebody is gonna die!
Oh man. I really hope it's not the second choice, because that's not nearly as exciting as it is on TV. Kind of upsetting, actually.

Whatever happens, this is all laying an excellent groundwork for next season.

Alex "I think my life is fiction" Zalben


Monica said...

Since I also qualify as a 'supporting character' in this soap opera, I would like to propose marriage to the first blog reader to respond. This will shoot our inter-personal 'ratings' through the roof because: 1) its a marriage, people love marriages, and 2) its a contest, and people love contests. I'm talking big numbers people...This is gonna be huge. Also, me and the fellow blog reader will get married in the finale to the next 'season' in our lives. also next season, in the shocking wedding cliff-hanger, alex will get shot. he may/may not survive, but in two seasons from now geoff becomes a private detective intent on solving the mystery. then our lives will get too crazy for anyone to believe and then we'll get cancelled...which means we can't be friends anymore. Luckily, we'll all be given spinoffs.

mary said...

How's this for a twist? lesbian marraige? Monica, i accept. and i think i should shoot alex. my character looks innocent enough...

Alex said...

But then it turns out it WASN'T Mary who shot me at all! It was her EVIL TWIN!!!!

Chris S. said...

NICE! Right out of the Hasselhoff playbook!

Geoffrey said...

I'm on the case as a personal vendetta, because Alex was my brother.

I just thought people should know that.

Stefan said...

ooh, ooh, am I the surprise relationship revelation? I sure hope so...