Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ack. Weird.
also: name-related post #2

My dad just called me 10 minutes ago and put the phone to his computer speakers and I heard myself on the radio. Weeeird! Plus, they put me on after Ryan Cabrera.

I am tired of Ryan Cabrera always beating me to the punch. It's on for real now, RC.

Also... searching around the radio station's website brought me to All Music Guide, which reminds of a silly discovery I made recently. There's apparently a Jeff Solomon out there who sings gospel, and my entry in AMG got blended with his accidentally. Which now makes me a gospel singer, responsible for the stirring tenor lines on such works as "Where Strength Begins" and "El Shaddai." I'm also the bassist for Tsar, as it turns out.

This news is not welcome, as I'm already tired of being threatened by followers of this man.

Halfway through writing this post I realized that I inadvertently ripped off Chris's old webpage bio. Sorry. I guess you'll kill me later. :(


Chris S. said...

Don't feel bad about ripping off Chris. I'm sure he will understand after he wins his plagiarism lawsuit.

I, too, will be named in that suit, because I ripped off the same Blog idea when I posted about my amazing football career that I had forgotten, perhaps due to severe, repeated concussions.