Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Must...Find...Creative...Way...To... Complain...About...Weather!

Ranking the seasons:

1) Autumn. It doesn't get any better than Autumn, aka Fall. The crisp chill of an October day, leaves crunching underfoot, finally getting to send your kids back to school, the little scamps! Heck, even Upstate New York is beautiful in the Fall (kidding, I love Upstate New York)! Not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving, which are great holidays. Autumn is pretty much untouchable at the top.

2) Winter. Unpopular season, I know, but winter always delivers on what it promises: cold. It's cold in the winter. Fortunately, Haggerties are furnaces so this doesn't affect us so much, and is why Winter goes #2 because I'm making this list.

3) Spring. I'm just mad at Spring because it seems like it doesn't exist in the places I've lived, which are all in New York. Spring in theory sounds great, but I think I've experienced 4 total spring days in my life. And I'm not counting the rain.

4) Summer. Screw summer. To hell with summer. This is unfuckingbearable. I want to die! Please help! I want to stop sweating! I wake up 9 times a night sweating and it's NOT because of the nightmares! It's going to be 94 degrees today! Help! Please! Water!


Alex said...

Between us sweaty, hairy dudes, I agree with this ranking 100%.