Friday, July 29, 2005

Vegetarian Kryptonite

That's my name for bacon.

Seriously, if there's one thing that will break my almost ten years of vegetarianism, its sweet, salty bacon.

Although, as members of the EL community might tell you, I've recently been tempted by Buffalo Wings. In fact, Chris has taken to putting one on a plate for me when I'm not looking. And one time, Geoff slowly tipped a plate of buffalo wings towards my mouth, under the premise that if one just fell in my mouth, I'm not responsible for eating it. I'll eat anything that falls in my mouth, in case you don't know.

Actually, to continue this rambling post, one time when I was fifteen, I was riding my bike through the park. I was going particularly fast, when I saw something large and fuzzy flying towards me. "Oh, a flying Cheeto!" I thought, and opened my mouth.

...and that's how I ended up swallowing a bee.


Chris S. said...

It looks like Alex isn't the only Cornell product to witness a Flying Cheeto. Although I'd imagine this non-bee Flying Cheeto would be a bit tougher to swallow, let alone mistake for a bee.

Of course, I had known all about the Flying Cheeto through exhaustive research about the battle tactics of pot-smoking Pokémon characters.

Flying Cheeto! Flying Cheeto! Flying Cheeto!
Inning! Inning! Inning!