Friday, July 15, 2005

What Up, Sir?

When did you get old enough to be called "sir"?

I was just at the pizza place, and the guy kept referring to me as "sir," and while I'm not dignified enough for the word, I'm certainly old enough.

Obviously, the word "sir" has a large part to do with deference of status, and in the case of the pizza dude in our modern world, is more politness than anything else. But if you're going to call someone sir, then yeah, I guess someone of my age can be called sir.

I vaguely remember the first time someone called me sir, it was around age 23, 24, and I thought it was hilarious, like saying, "What can I get for ya, mister?"

What's the equivalent for women? Is there one? "Ma'am," maybe? Or, "Hey, you leggy dame?"

Ummm... This is the most bloggy blog post I ever done posted. Here, check out this game called Fishy I've been addicted to all day.