Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Aristoc...

As you know, Chris and I saw "The Aristocrats" last week, and enjoyed it. Not a bit fneh! Well maybe a little. But definitely worth seeing. NOT THE POINT.

Anyway, as we were buying our tickets, I heard the man ahead of us ask for "two tickets for the Aristocats." Wrong movie! Though certainly a movie that exists, I'd bet dollars to donuts that this guy didn't want to see Disney's classic 1970 tale in which "Everybody wants to be a cat."

So I turned around, carefully ordered a ticket for the Aristocrats and waited for Chris to order, all set to make fun of this dude in front of us and assail Chris with the same hilarious Aristocats references I just assailed you with. And what, oh WHAT do I hear Mr. Principe say?

"One for the Aristocats, please."

And THAT is why, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I believe Chris is mentally unfit to stand trial.


Anonymous said...

What a plebe!

Alex said...

The week the movie came out, Marni and I had a running joke, where we would talk about seeing a movie. She would suggest The Aristocrats, and I would say, "That's great! I'll call my 10 year old cousin!"

And then she'd explain that was a bad idea. Then I would explain that he loves Disney movies, and we should go to a midnight showing, and buy him a forty of malt liquor, which would confuse the joke.

Chris S. said...

Seven years ago, I was tempted to ask a ticket-taker, "How much for two adults to see Snak Eyes? Or perhaps Saving Private Yan?"

Anonymous said...

Did Chris get the tickets?