Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Laser Level

Unfortunately, a laser level isn't as cool and destructive as it sounds.

Right now at my work, we're putting up some posters of Broadway shows written by alumni. In order to get the bottom of the posters straight, you can use a laser level, which, after being attached to the wall, shoots out a red laser in a straight line.

Kind of neat, right?

Here's the point of my story, beyond "lasers are cool." I've been supervising this highly delicate project for weeks now, and let me tell you, it is HIGHLY delicate. So I'm standing in the hall with the guy putting the posters up. We have two of them up so far, and I just want to check his work, so I say, "Hey, can you fire up the old laser level?"

He says sure, but mentions that they're probably uneven. I say, "cool."

He fires up the old laser level, and we find, in fact, that one is slightly higher than the other, which we both knew, but wanted to see how bad the difference was.

One of my supervisors, who has been sort of standing there listening in the whole time says, and might I stress, in a VERY concerned voice, "Um, you know that those posters are uneven?"

I feigned surprise, shot her in the eyes with the laser level, and ran for my life. And that's where I'm blogging from. A... run... for my life. Cough.

I guess my main point is, do we humans have some sort of disease that forces us to say things that are really, really obvious? Like, "Boy, that building is tall." Or, "I love food! What can I say? I love to eat!"

Oh me too. I love to eat three times a day. Great observation, genius.

You humans crack me up.

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Anonymous said...

jeez, what's gotten into Alex lately? he seems, i don't know, "different"