Monday, August 29, 2005

Quote Of The VMA's

Host Diddy, introducing Kelly Clarkson's finale performance: "What you are about to see is INCREDIBLE."

Also, you really, really have to find some way of watching R. Kelly's performance at the VMA's where he acts out and lip-synchs the dialogue of his own "Trapped in the Closet." Though admittedly given to hyperbole, I have to say that it was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in my nearly 25 years on this planet. It was the most uncomfortable/funny thing I've ever seen. A tour de force!

I wish I could link to it directly, but I'm sure MTV will be re-playing the VMA's about, oh, I don't know, nine times today?


Monica said...

i think he meant 'incredible' in reference to the stunt where she sang in the middle of a waterfall-type thing. waterproof microphones=incredible. Diddy is a sucker for technological advances. In watching it again, make sure to catch the part where kelly falls off the little podium she's standing on. she just disappears from view for a couple seconds while she crushes two audience members.

and I totally agree about the R Kelly thing. total trainwreck. especially since the audience continued to scream in TRL-ish excitement for the first 2 minutes until they realized it was a 'serious performance piece.'

Alex said...

Crap, I was about to post about this. The R. Kelly thing was seriously unbelievably awful.

My favorite part that didn't happen was when John Legend and Alicia Keys were on stage, got a massive boost of super-strength, and started battling each other with pianos.

Cory_Nealy said...

Thanks to modern technology I was able to watch the VMA's while in flight back to Seattle. I was somewhere over the midwest when I saw the R. Kelly..."thing"


Did you notice when he sings about the two lovers (Chuck and whatever the other guys name is...) kissing he almost breaks into laughter.

Also great is the people who are paid to act like "rabid" fans in the mosh pit area all show.

And what didn't Diddy try to do last night? Rapping, dancing comedy routine AND conducting an orchestra. Of course he didn't manage to do any of them well...

Neal K said...

Wow. Everyone actually called him Diddy.

Geoffrey said...

I've found it surprisingly easy to switch to Diddy.

I also found it surprisingly easy to switch to P. Diddy. I think this is offset by the fact that I typically don't talk about him much.

Anonymous said...

What would be next?

Did? or Dy?

I pick Did.

Neal K said...

I predict Diddy -> Giddy -> God

Anonymous said...

-> God -> Od

Anonymous said...

as someone who was at Geoff's house (with our shirts off) and watched the disaster now known as the Video Katrina Awards with him, i can vouche that Geoff actually shit his pants at the R Kelly performance. i would also like to add that everything that we saw on tv the rest of that night was deemed "incredible". also, R Kelly should be pee'd on.