Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spambloggers? Blogspam? Either way, yuck.
Warning: this post contains several hard-to-read fake words

So I've been moving for the past coupla days, and I started trying to go through the last few days of entries to see what I missed on this blog. For those who didn't read Chris's entry on Strawberry Quik (which contains lactose and COULD HAVE KILLED ME, Stefan)*, some spammer-dude added a comment which was basically a "hot stock tip!" advertisement. I found this strange and a bit infuriating, as did some of our blog friends.

It also occurred to me that this may be a sign that our blog is doing well! After all, why would a blogspammer (spablogmer?) choose to spamblog (blospamg?) our blog if it wasn't popular?

As it turned out, the answer to this question lay within an email that I received today. I just got an e-notice telling me that there was a blospamg (spogblam?) on Marpneep's Blorg. For those newer readers out there, Marpneep's Blorg is a feature from our website that began in Fall '04, before E.L. had a blog. For a long time, we thought that blogs were silly and useless (about a month later, we decided that they were awesome and useful !!!). Before we converted to bloggerdom, I had a fake "blorg" from this alien named Marpneep. Now that we have an actual blog, I kinda decided there was no point in exploring the daily tribulations of ol' Marpy.

(In case anyone wonders or cares: the name "Marpneep" originated from our "USO Show" sketch. At a certain point in that sketch, an alien named Kerflunk appears. When trying to pronounce the alien's name, my character fumbles and calls it "Marp... neep...")

Anyway, yeah, blamspoggers (pogslambers?) don't care how big or little your blog (blorg?) is, they will spam you regardless.

*or rather, given me a mild-to-bad stomach ache.


Geoffrey said...

What happened to our blog? Why is it all orangey, and formatted poorly?

Maybe this is just my computer.

By the way, watching the dudes try to fake chug strawberry Quik was one of the best things I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this happen to blogs before. The acutely jaundiced text is a result of an imbalanced diet. It's related to a syndrome suffered by pirates called scurvy, commonly pronounced sc-urrr-vy.

Chris S. said...

For what it's worth, my brand-spankin' new Mac at work displays the text normally, but my 4-year-old Dell at home displays the orangey version.