Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stefan "Creepy" Lawrence

This weekend, Stefan demonstrated his impressive ability to sleep and creep all his friends out at the same time...

...and Alex, for one, approved.

Don't worry. After a couple of minutes we ended up closing Stefan's eyes for him, so as to prevent soul-escape.


mjs said...

will somebody else please post something so that this isn't what pops up when i look at the blog? *shudder*


baz said...

will no one ever post again, so this always comes up when i look at the blog? *trembles with excitement*

or at least replace the hero pic in yr sidebar with this.

Chris S. said...

Hey, Stefan. Have you met Eric?

Geoffrey said...

This is my first time seeing this picture. It is completely terrible!

Going to go kill myself now.

Jay said...

Wait, so, if I understand this correctly, that's a picture of Stefan sleeping? With his eyes open? Man, I have GOT to learn how to do that!

- Jay
AKA The Lehigh Fanboy (first time I've posted a comment, but I've been reading the blog ever since you guys came to Lehigh this past school year; good stuff)

Stefan said...

This makes me SICK.

Good god I disgust me.

christopher said...

Heya, Jay. Welcome.

In a mix of wonder and disgust, I examined Stefan pretty closely while it was all happening. If you look at the picture, it's actually Stefan's hand that's pulling his forehead skin upward, and keeping his eyelids from falling down.

Also, I almost wrote "foreskin head" just then. Thought y'all should know that.

Monica said...

As stefan's roommate, I'm now incredibly concerned about encountering him in the apartment in this state.
I've now passed a law banning napping in our place. Sleep is only allowed in our rooms with the doors closed...and locked.

(FYI: according to the Monica and Stefan Constitution, only one vote is required to pass a new law)

Monica said...

P.s. I smell a new friendster picture for stefan!

Geoffrey said...

Gotta comment on this again.

Despite Alex's pose in the second picture, Elephant Larry does NOT approve of sleeping with your eyes open. It is distressing.